Unfortunately, no dogs available at this time.

Recently, Riso (2 year old Belgian Malinois) was sold to East Bay Regional Park Police.  Picture below.



 Below are pictures and videos of a few of the dogs we have sold! 

Pictured below is Harley with his handler.  Harley is a dual purpose narcotic and patrol dog.

 Pictured below is Argo with his handler.  Argo is a dual purpose narcotic and patrol dog.

 Two of our breeding, Bianka and Aries are now with the Exeter Police Department.

Enzo has been sold to police dept.



Belgian Malinois - RAJA  

Raja has been SOLD!

Raja - 2 Years old, from working lines, hard dog but easy to handle, nice dog for police or personal protection, great ball drive, and on/off leash trained (see video below).


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